Mozilla brings its private web browser Firefox Focus to Android

adminJune 21, 2017

Google Play introduces ‘Android Excellence’ collections that showcase editorially selected top apps and games

adminJune 14, 2017

Android Pay expands to Canada

adminJune 1, 2017

Android creator Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone looks stunning and will cost $699

adminMay 31, 2017

Google brings Smart Replies to Gmail on iOS and Android

adminMay 28, 2017

Android O beta is available today

adminMay 27, 2017

Cloak & Dagger is a newly-discovered Android exploit that lets hackers hide malicious activity

adminMay 26, 2017

Google makes Kotlin a first-class language for writing Android apps

adminMay 25, 2017

Chinese trio carve up a quarter of global smartphone sales in Q1: Gartner

adminMay 24, 2017

Ford to add Android Auto and CarPlay to 2016 Ford SYNC 3 cars via update

adminMay 23, 2017

Android Go is a lightweight version of Android for crazy cheap phones

adminMay 22, 2017

Google’s TensorFlow Lite brings machine learning to Android devices

adminMay 21, 2017